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Welcome to SEO Hero Labs very first wordpress blog. On November the 21st I decided to enter the WIX SEO Hero Competition using my honed skills as a seasoned search engine optimization expert.Little did I realise it back then on what scale this small sideline project would mean to my already burdening workload or exactly what it is like starting a business from scratch again and actually what is involved when trying to set up your own theoretic company. Despite this I have approached this contest with a new vigor for SEO and I am actully really enjoying the process. Obviously I have learnt by my mistakes over the last 10 years or so and now I have a fairly systematic approach. However when you are competing against other SEOs on a much grander scale this challenge has made me start to think outside the box and try out things I would not normally just to try and stay ahead of the pack.

My moto pretty much goes along the line of content, content and more content. Which is essentially what you need when trying to rank highly in the google search engine. But website content is sometimes one of the hardest things to produce.

This day an age with online website builders anyone can produce a fairly decent looking website. But it’s the whole optimization process that leaves many people baffled. Additionally when people build and creat their websites they don’t follow the simple rules of on-page opimization that will hold back a website such as using title, alt, meta and h1 tags. And sometimes it is the technologies and server that sit behind the website that renders it useless and extremely dificult to rank highly,

But saying that with time and effort any webpage can be mad to rank highly it’s just that some are easier and quicker to do.

Come over and visit us at SEO Hero lab and see what we mean.

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The WIX SEO Hero Competition

For any of you who have been away, have been living in a soup can or have simply just been too busy to check out what’s going on in the world of SEO recently then let me tell you that you have precisely only 5 days left to register for the WIX SEO Hero Challenge Competition. Closing date for the ultimate SEO contest is 16th of December. If you have no idea what I am talking about because of the the afore mentioned issues let me tell you. WIX has laid down the gauntlet to all and sundry to try and beat their website, made using the WIX platform in the Google Search engine for the keywords SEO HERO. Simply all you have to do is rank higher than them for these to words when both typed into Google to win a whooping $50,000, I assume it will be a cheque or bank transfer or something or another. Check out my entry here